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    Subtalar implant

    Enter and submit your email address below. The BioPro® Horizon Subtalar implant acts as an internal orthotic, similar to wearing an orthotic within your shoe. A one- time reset password link will be sent to your email address. The Subtalar MBA implant is small soft- threaded titanium device that is inserted into a small opening called the sinus tarsi. Subtalar implant. For Customer Service please call: Close. The implant supports the talar neck, limits plantarflexion and adduction of the talus, and restricts eversion and pronation of the subtalar joint. Description Subtalar arthroereisis is a surgical procedure that involves placing an implant that has the appearance of a threaded cylinder into the sinus tarsi between the. How can the answer be improved? Corporate; About Us; Mission; Locations; Product Overview. It is intended to block forward, downward, and medial displacement of the talus, thereby limiting excessive eversion of the hindfoot. Now two years later it seems one of the implants had come out of place. Subtalar arthroereisis has been performed for a number of years, with a. Subtalar Implant Removal Technique If a TOV or Talex subtalar implant is to be removed whether as part of the initial surgical procedure or during a subsequent procedure, a dedicated removal tool has been created for this purpose. These devices prevent contact of the lateral talar process with the floor of the sinus tarsi. The placement of the implant restores the arch by preventing the displacement of the talus and by preventing the foot from rolling- in ( pronating). A self- locking wedge is a subtalar implant of any material that one inserts into the lateral sinus tarsi. 5 This is an extremely. The BioPro implant is designed with a smooth surface for your bones to rest against. The PitStop ® Implant is made of PEEK. Subtalar arthroereisis is intended to assist in treating the hyperpronated foot by stabilizing the subtalar joint. When considering a subtalar joint implant, remember that the appropriate size should allow for about 2 to 4 degrees of subtalar joint eversion. The implant blocks excessive joint motion, maintaining the arch in your foot. Jun 18, · Subtalar implants were inserted into each ankle. Tissue grows normally around the implant and aids in holding it in place. This is something we were assured could never happen because tissue grows around the implant to keep it in place. This biocompatible and inert polymer is flexible, which allows for placement in the sinus tarsi with better load distribution on bone surfaces. OsteoMed Subtalar Implant System OsteoMed 08/ 03 K031155 BioPro Subtalar Implant BioPro 09/ 04 K041936 HyProCure Subtalar Implant System Graham Medical Technologies 09/ 04 K04 MBA resorb Implant Kinetikos Medical 09/ 05 K051611 Metasurg Subtalar Implant Metasurg 05/ 07 K070441 Subtalar Implant Biomet Sports Medicine 07/ 07 K071498. The PitStop ® Subtalar Implant facilitates the correction of pes plano valgus deformities. Subtalar arthroereisis is designed to correct the excessive talar displacement and calcaneal eversion by placing an implant in the sinus tarsi, a canal located between the talus and the calcaneus.

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